Mikail Graham
Creative Director • NCME Co-Founder

Mikail is the Creative Director, overseeing all aspects of each show ranging from booking the music to how the lighting and venue will look. Mikail has worked all over the world performing and creating music with a highly diverse range of artists since the early 1970's, as well as being a tech evangelist for a wide range of MI and Pro Audio companies (see his website for more info). A third generation native of Nevada City, he is also a founding broadcaster of KVMR FM 89.5. Always one to experiment, his love for musical diversity was showcased quite well during his five years of booking all of the musical acts for Cooper’s Saloon 5-6 nights a week. During their time together at Cooper's he and Rick worked closely to create a unique “open atmosphere” for music of all genres, which continues on with Nevada City Music Events.




















Rick McKenzie
NCME Co-Founder
- currently on hiatus sailing the seas
In the early days of NCME Rick oversaw all of the food and drink aspects of each event. He has owned and operated several notable Nevada County restaurants since the early 1970’s including: The McKenzie House; The American Victorian Museum Dinning Room; Mac’s Grill at The Office and was head chef at Friar Tucks for several years as well. He also operated the highly successful Command Performance Catering business from 1991-2001. From 2001 until February 18 of 2007 he managed and oversaw Cooper’s in downtown Nevada City CA, building it into one of the most successful music nightclubs in Nevada County history before leaving to start Nevada City Music Events. Rick is currently not involved with NCME day to day business, and is taking a restful break from business life.